Through our subsidiaries, we own and operate other businesses related to the adult nightclub and restaurant industry.

Media Group

Our Media Group is the leading business communications company serving the multibillion-dollar adult nightclubs and adult retail products industries. It owns a national industry convention and tradeshow; two national industry trade publications; two national industry award shows; and more than a dozen industry and social media websites. Included in the Media Group is ED Publications (, which publishes the bimonthly ED Club Bulletin, the only national business magazine serving 2,000-plus adult nightclubs in North America, which collectively have annual revenues in excess of $5 billion, according to the Association of Club Executives. Founded in 1991, EDP also publishes the Annual VIP Guide of adult nightclubs, touring entertainers and industry vendors; and produces the Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners EXPO, a national convention and tradeshow that started in 1993.

Drink Robust

Drink Robust ( is licensed to sell Robust Energy Drink in the U.S. Robust was developed in 2008 in the U.K. to fill a gap in the market for a quality, well-priced energy drink and mixer in cocktails. With its metallic blue jacket, Robust filled the mid-range energy drinks market and became a recognized hit. The taurine and caffeine combination paired with other ingredients provide a high-grade taste that is comparable, if not better, to other leading energy drinks. Robust tastes remarkably similar to the industry leading product without the aftertaste, but at an economical price. In the U.S., Drink Robust focuses on business-to-business sales, both direct and through distributors, to adult nightclubs and restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages.