Building a portfolio of well-managed, high cash-flowing nightclubs and sports-bar restaurants

RCI subsidiaries own and operate adult nightclubs, sports-bar restaurants, and other supporting products and services.

Founded in 1983 as Rick’s Cabaret International, the company pioneered the creation of elegant gentlemen’s clubs featuring beautiful entertainers and high-quality restaurants. Since our IPO in 1995, we have significantly expanded our business. In 2014, we changed our name to RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc.

Our mission is to follow our Capital Allocation Strategy, acquire or build the right nightclubs and sports-bar restaurants, and make sure our guests have a great time and return with increasing regularity. If we achieve that, the entertainers who appear at our establishments, as well as our teams and company, will do well. We’ll be able to continue to expand, grow free cash flow per share, buy back shares, and increase shareholder value.