Company Profile

RCI Hospitality Holdings – Leader in gentlemen's clubs and bars/restaurants

  • Founded in 1983, we pioneered elegant gentlemen's clubs based on powerful brands, quality environments, beautiful entertainers, and excellent restaurants.
  • Since our IPO in 1995, we have used our expertise to transform RCI into a leading hospitality company.
  • Today, subsidiaries own and operate more than 40 gentlemen's clubs, nightclubs and restaurant/bars.
  • Larger units are in major cities, such as New York, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Minneapolis, with smaller ones spread through the South and Southwest.
  • RCI also owns ED Publications, Inc., the leading media company serving the multi-billion dollar adult club business with industry-related websites, magazines and trade shows.
  • Investors are attracted by RCI's strong cash flow, operating margins and local laws that create high barriers to entry in the adult club business.

Key Strategies

  • Innovation: RCI has extensive experience in gentlemen's club development, marketing, management, IT, and security. We know how to grow revenues and profits.
  • Roll Up: There are 3,500 clubs that RCI would consider acquiring on a selected basis. Many owners plan to retire in the years ahead. With increasing access to financing, RCI can consolidate the industry, creating greater scale.
  • Bar/Restaurants: RCI has begun leveraging its expertise, developing the rapidly-growing Bombshells chain of military themed bar/restaurants.
  • Robust: RCI also is engaged in expanding distribution of Robust energy drinks to the on-premises market. Priced at 30-40% less than leading brands, Robust enables bars/restaurants to significantly expand margins.
  • Cash Flow: RCI is focused on growing its considerable cash flow by expanding margins in its clubs and restaurants, and reducing expenses.
  • Buybacks: With its growing cash flow, RCI has begun to buy back stock until it believes shares more adequately reflect core growth trends.

Major Brands

  • Rick's Cabaret: Elegant clubs with restaurants
  • Vivid Cabaret: High-end, high-energy club for young professionals
  • Tootsie's Cabaret: Nation's mega club with 74 thousand square feet
  • Club Onyx: High-end clubs for African-American professionals
  • Jaguars Club: Lively clubs for energy workers, primarily in Texas
  • XTC Cabaret: Casual BYOB clubs for younger blue collar patrons, primarily in Texas
  • Bombshells: Military themed, casual bar/restaurant for young professionals

History of Innovation

Robert Watters founded the company in 1983 in Houston with the innovative Rick's Cabaret gentlemen's club concept. In 1998, the company merged with the XTC Cabaret chain, which was controlled by Eric Langan, who eventually became the company's president and CEO.

The early days as a publicly traded company (originally named Rick's Cabaret International, Inc.) were challenging. During the first 10 years, the stock fell more than half. Since then, shares have risen more than three fold.

Focusing on innovation, RCI has created a truly upscale, friendly chain of gentlemen's clubs for both customers and entertainers, and built a substantial company through acquisition and internal growth.

"We brought our gentlemen's club concept to Manhattan in 2005 with Rick's Cabaret New York," said Mr. Langan. "Critics said it would never work. It did, and we did it again in 2014 with Vivid Cabaret New York aimed at younger professionals. Today, Rick's is considered the No. 1 club in the city and Vivid the hottest new club.

"Another example is the success of the Club Onyx concept, the first upscale gentlemen's clubs to cater to the African-American professional. It has attracted an enthusiastic clientele of professional athletes, musicians, businessmen, and community leaders.

"Now we are taking this spirit of innovation to closely related businesses. We have created the Bombshells bar/restaurant chain in Texas, which is attracting interest from individuals interested in franchises. We also are expanding the market reach of Robust energy drinks as a higher-margin, better tasting alternative for bars and restaurants."

Eric Langan, President & CEO

  • With more than two decades in the adult club industry, Eric Langan joined RCI in 1998 and has led the company since 1999.
  • He acquired his first club in Texas at age 21 with $40,000 from the sale of his baseball card collection. Later, he acquired a controlling interest in RCI and became CEO, following its merger with his own publicly traded Taurus, Inc., which owned the XTC Cabaret chain.
  • Under Mr. Langan’s direction, RCI has grown both inside and outside of Texas, becoming the leading a consolidator in the gentlemen's club industry, as well as expanding the company into related businesses, such as bars/restaurants.
  • Mr. Langan is a member of the Board of Directors of Adult Club Executives (ACE), the major trade organization for the gentlemen's club industry, and is considered an expert in the business.
  • He grew up in Peoria, IL, where his father was a police officer. Later, the family moved to the Dallas area, where Eric began his entrepreneurial career. By age 16, he had developed his own advertising media company, distributing promotional flyers for local businesses.
  • Mr. Langan believes the future of RCI lies in continued innovation in the hospitality industry by generating value in the adult club and related segments, with an emphasis on employing self-motivated, entrepreneurial managers; adhering to strict cost controls; focusing on increasing cash flow; and creating shareholder value.

Did you know?

  • Anna Nicole Smith met her oil billionaire husband while dancing at Rick’s Cabaret
  • Many performers at our clubs have become Penthouse Pets and Playboy Playmates
  • Forbes lists RCI as one of America's 200 Best Small Companies
  • RCI has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MarketWatch, USA Today, New York Daily News and other publications
  • Rick’s Cabaret was named "Best Strip Club in NYC" by and our New York City Steakhouse is listed in Zagat’s New York Nightlife and was included in the Time Out New York TONY 100 list of fine Manhattan dining establishments