RCI Reports Strong 2Q18 Results

HOUSTON – May 10, 2018 – RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RICK) today announced strong 2Q18 results along with the filing of its 10-Q for the Fiscal 2018 second quarter ended March 31, 2018.

2Q18 vs. 2Q17

  • GAAP EPS of $0.48 per diluted share compared to $0.39, with non-GAAP* EPS of $0.65 compared to $0.41
  • 2Q18 GAAP results included $1.6 million non-cash impairment of a note receivable and $0.8 million in cash settlements covering two lawsuits
  • Total revenues of $41.2 million compared to $34.5 million on 43 and 41 units, respectively
  • Based on net cash provided by operating activities of $5.9 million, less maintenance capital expenditures of $0.6 million, free cash flow (FCF)* totaled $5.3 million compared to $4.9 million

FY18 Outlook

  • Year to date FCF totaled $12.8 million compared to $10.0 million in the comparable year-ago period
  • As a result, RCI is reiterating its FY18 FCF target of $23 million, announced on February 14, 2018

Conference Call Today at 4:30 PM ET

  • A conference call to discuss 2Q18 results, outlook and related matters will be held today at 4:30 PM ET
  • Live Participant Dial In: Toll Free at 877-407-9210 and International at 201-689-8049
  • To access the live webcast, slides or replay, visit: http://www.investorcalendar.com/event/28601
  • Phone replay: Toll Free at 877-481-4010 and International at 919-882-2331 (Passcode: 28601)

Meet Management Tonight at 6 PM ET

Eric Langan, President & CEO, invites investors to meet management at one of RCI's top revenue generating clubs.

  • When: Tonight, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM ET
  • Where: Rick's Cabaret New York, 50 W. 33rd Street, New York, NY, between Fifth Avenue and Broadway
  • RSVP: With your contact information to [email protected]

CEO Comment

"We are pleased to announce another quarter of solid growth, reflecting the effectiveness of our strategies," said Mr. Langan. "Total revenues grew 19.4% year over year with increases of 15.7% from new units and 4.8% in same-store sales. Non-GAAP operating income rose 38.2% as margin expanded 350 basis points.

"Revenues and margins benefited from our improved portfolio of nightclubs and restaurants, expanded operating leverage from higher sales, and increased customer counts. Nightclubs also benefited from higher spend per customer, while Bombshells benefited from an updated menu featuring new items.

"Corporate overhead costs fell as a percentage of revenues compared to 1Q18 and 2Q17. On a sequential quarter basis, the decline was due in part to reduced expenses associated with our FY17 audit and the transition to a new financial IT system. Income taxes dropped, reflecting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

"As a result, non-GAAP EPS increased 58.5% to $0.65, and free cash flow grew 8.8% to $5.3 million for the quarter and 28.4% to $12.8 million year-to-date, keeping us firmly on track with our $23 million FY18 FCF target.

Bombshells Expansion

"On April 11th, we opened our sixth and largest Bombshells in the fast-growing southern Houston suburb of Pearland. Performance has been excellent. For the first three weeks, sales have averaged more than $160,000 per week, making it our most successful Bombshells launch to date.

"We now have four new locations in various stages of development in Greater Houston. That will bring the total of Bombshells to 10—eight in the Houston area and one each in Dallas and Austin. Using our established team of architects, contractors, and vendors, our goal is to open units on a regular schedule.

Location Status Target Opening
Interstate 10 (East Houston) Under construction September 2018
US 59 (Southwest Houston) Under construction December 2018
US 249 (Tomball, just north of Houston) Recently closed on a property March 2019
NEW: Katy (fast-growing West Houston suburb) Finalizing site selection June 2019

"We are also pleased to announce that we are in active discussions with multiple club owners to acquire units in key markets and that positive trends for RCI clubs and restaurants have continued in 3Q18.

"Looking ahead, we will continue to pursue our four-part strategy for generating increased FCF through (1) our strong core business, (2) roll out of our proven Bombshells concept, (3) the potential upside of accretive nightclub acquisitions, and, as always, (4) sticking to our capital allocation strategy."

2Q18 Analysis (comparisons to 2Q17, unless otherwise noted)

Total Revenues
  • Total revenues increased $6.7 million, or 19.4%, as all core revenue lines continued to grow. Beverage revenues rose $3.1 million (22.0%), higher margin service revenues $2.0 million (13.9%), and food $1.1 million (24.6%).
  • The third full quarter of Scarlett's Cabaret Miami and Scarlett's Cabaret St. Louis, both acquired in 3Q17, and the second full quarter of our Bombshells on Highway 290 in Houston, which opened 4Q17, together added $5.4 million in new revenues.
  • Total and same-store sales also benefited from strong marketing related to televised pro football and basketball (pro and college) sporting events. In particular, our Bombshells sports bars/restaurants enjoyed increased traffic due to the continued success of the Houston Rockets and major college basketball tournaments.
Operating Income & Margin
  • Operating income increased 9.9% to $8.2 million (20.0% of revenues) from $7.5 million (21.7% of revenues).
  • LRCI wrote down $1.6 million of its note receivable relating to the energy drink venture and took advantage of opportunities to settle two outstanding lawsuits for a combined $0.8 million.
  • On a non-GAAP basis, operating income increased 38.2% to $10.6 million (25.7% of revenues) from $7.7 million (22.2% of revenues), reflecting increased contribution from the Nightclubs and Bombshells segments, including higher gross profit margin, and a reduction in corporate overhead.
  • As a percentage of revenues, gross profit margin increased 80 basis points to 86.4% and non-GAAP corporate overhead declined to 7.2% from 11.8% in the preceding 1Q18 and 10.3% in the year ago 2Q17.
Nightclubs Segment
  • Sales increased 18.3% to $35.4 million from $30.0 million, with 38 units compared to 37.
  • Same-store sales increased 5.1%.
  • Operating income increased 13.2% to $11.9 million (33.5% of segment revenues) from $10.5 million (35.0% of segment revenues).
  • On a non-GAAP basis, operating income increased 18.2% to $12.5 million (35.1% of segment revenues) from $10.5 million (35.2% of segment revenues).
Bombshells Segment
  • Sales increased 28.0% to $5.6 million from $4.4 million, with 5 units compared to 4, reflecting the previously-mentioned addition of a larger Bombshells on busy Highway 290 in Houston.
  • Same-store sales increased 2.7% as customers continue to be attracted to our military themed social dining concept with our Bombshells Girls, where you can have a great time and great food, watch the game, listen to music and hang out with friends or family.
  • Operating income increased 20.5% to $0.965 million (17.2% of segment revenues) compared to $0.801 million (18.3% of segment revenues).
  • On a non-GAAP basis, operating income increased 41.9% to $1.2 million (20.8% of segment revenues) from $0.821 million (18.8% of segment revenues).
Other Metrics
  • Cash and cash equivalents increased 4.6% to $12.5 million at March 31, 2018 from December 31, 2017.
  • Occupancy costs (rent and interest expense as a percentage of total revenues) fell to 7.4% from 7.7% in both 1Q18 and 2Q17.
  • Adjusted EBITDA increased 34.7% to $12.4 million—the highest in the last two years—from $9.3 million.
  • Effective tax rate was 24.2% compared to 33.7% in 2Q17.
  • RCI's FY18 FCF target of $23 million is based on estimated net cash provided by operating activities of approximately $25.5 million, less maintenance capex of approximately $2.5 million.

*Non-GAAP Financial Measures

In addition to our financial information presented in accordance with GAAP, management uses certain non-GAAP financial measures, within the meaning of the SEC Regulation G, to clarify and enhance understanding of past performance and prospects for the future. Generally, a non-GAAP financial measure is a numerical measure of a company's operating performance, financial position or cash flows that excludes or includes amounts that are included in or excluded from the most directly comparable measure calculated and presented in accordance with GAAP. We monitor non-GAAP financial measures because it describes the operating performance of the company and helps management and investors gauge our ability to generate cash flow, excluding items that management believes are not representative of the ongoing business operations of the company, but are included in the most directly comparable measures calculated and presented in accordance with GAAP. Relative to each of the non-GAAP financial measures, we further set forth our rationale as follows:

  • >Non-GAAP Operating Income and Non-GAAP Operating Margin. We exclude from non-GAAP operating income and non-GAAP operating margin amortization of intangibles, impairment of assets, gains or losses on sale of assets, gain on insurance, and settlement of lawsuits. We believe that excluding these items assists investors in evaluating period-over-period changes in our operating income and operating margin without the impact of items that are not a result of our day-to-day business and operations.
  • Non-GAAP Net Income and Non-GAAP Net Income per Diluted Share. We exclude from non-GAAP net income and non-GAAP net income per diluted share amortization of intangibles, impairment of assets, costs and charges related to debt refinancing, income tax expense (benefit), gains or losses on sale of assets, gain on insurance, and settlement of lawsuits, and include the non-GAAP provision for current and deferred income taxes, calculated at 26.5% and 33% effective tax rate of the pre-tax non-GAAP income before taxes for the three and six months ended March 31, 2018 and 2017, respectively, because we believe that excluding and including such items help management and investors better understand our operating activities.
  • Adjusted EBITDA. We exclude from adjusted EBITDA depreciation expense, amortization of intangibles, income tax expense (benefit), net interest expense, impairment of assets, gains or losses on sale of assets, gain on insurance, and settlement of lawsuits because we believe that adjusting for such items helps management and investors better understand operating activities. Adjusted EBITDA provides a core operational performance measurement that compares results without the need to adjust for federal, state and local taxes which have considerable variation between domestic jurisdictions. The results are, therefore, without consideration of financing alternatives of capital employed. We use adjusted EBITDA as one guideline to assess our unleveraged performance return on our investments. Adjusted EBITDA is also the target benchmark for our acquisitions of nightclubs.
  • Management also uses non-GAAP cash flow measures such as free cash flow. Free cash flow is derived from net cash provided by operating activities less maintenance capital expenditures. We use free cash flow as the baseline for the implementation of our capital allocation strategy.
  • Notes

    • Unit counts above are at period end.
    • All references to the "company," "we," "our," and similar terms include RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, unless the context indicates otherwise.
    • Planned opening dates are subject to change due to weather, which could affect construction schedules, and scheduling of final municipal inspections.

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